Model Migda Casas


At twenty two years old, Migda Casas, born in Cuba, is a model in the rise. She enjoys Trance & Rock music and her favorite color is blue. Migda started her modeling career through her dreams and visualizations of accomplishing her goals. Wanting to be like one of the models in high fashion runways with those fierce looks and confident walks is what motivated her.

“ For someone who always felt like the ugly duckling of the crowd, believe me, this is more than a dream come true”

 She shares that she thinks that every human is different and should never try to be like anyone else. Migda is always herself and nothing else but that.


“I have had MANY obstacles, when negative people know you want something really bad, and your passionate and determined to go for it, you are vulnerable to have them play with your dreams.”

“I think the most important thing is to stay focused ,stand strong and fight for what you want and push through it all”

Migda Casas says she has many things to learn til this day. She’s learned how to walk, talk and conduce herself with confidence and security. She also shares that she needs to learn to not be a perfectionist and not be so hard on herself. She is learning to embrace her qualm and to love herself more for the way that she is and not what people want her to be.


Going back to her beautiful country, Cuba, and reuniting with her family after not seeing for almost 2 years and the birth of her brother have been some of the happiest moments of her life.

“The saddest moment of my life was loosing my best friend in a tragic accident and losing my dear grandfather in this horrible disease called: Cancer”

“My mother and my father are the light of my eyes. My mom has been the most patient, supportive and loving woman with me in every sense, and my dad has been my biggest master and teacher I have had in my life. I wouldn’t be anything without them! They both have shaped me the woman I am today”

Migda’s father has been the biggest inspiration in her life, he has always been an admirable man. He is a person whom someone can always learn from.

“He taught me that one day you are up, one day you are down, life is not a straight road, and the true light comes from inside our souls, and that light is brighter and longer lasting that the outer one”


“ I have learned and it is my biggest philosophy: That whenever something good or bad happens to you, the good thoughts, the optimism and positivism always makes it BETTER, whether its good or bad. If something good happens to you and you think good it will be great, and if something bad happens to you and you stay positive and optimistic, you will be helping yourself and attracting all the good energy to make things better, so the weight wont be as big and bad”


The courage Migda had to leave her country behind, by far it has been the biggest and hardest decision of her life. She left her career and family to search for a better life. With time, that painful decision turned to be the best choice she had ever made, her life made a complete turn for the better and today all the loved ones she left behind, thank her.

Her life has been very different from what she imagined it”d be like. Migda thought that this modeling career would be just a hobby to do once in a while. Four years ago she visualized herself as an architect , married and humbly working to survive and be happy with her husband.  Migda did not see herself in the fashion industry on runways and shows like she is now.


“I would like to be remembered as a very happy and smiley person, a dancer and a music lover, an unconditional friend and over all, a strong woman”

What does your future hold?

“Only God knows that, but whatever it is, I’m ready!!”

If she could write in a stone, Migda would write the same two phrases that kept her hope and illusion alive when everything turned dark and difficult.

“There is always a place and a partner for all of us in this planet, no matter how crazy, ugly, negative, immature, bad, and difficult we seem to be like. But, be patient there will be a person that will come along and make you feel complete”

“Because the Lord disciplines those he loves”. Heb 12.6

Her favorite quote and also a phrase that she says defines her is:

“You do not need a reason to help people”

Because, think about it, you really do not need a reason to help anybody, if you can do something good for someone and it does not cost you anything, then do it!!  It will feel good in your heart.


Migda Casas (Model)
Fort Myers, Florida