Peggy Farren – Photographer

Peggy Farren gave up her career as a salesperson to stay home as a single mom to homeschool her son “ One of the best things I did in my life” she shares. Giving up her career was difficult but worth all the hard work and financial sacrifice.

“ I am super proud of the man my son has become”

Peggy started working for a photographer because she wanted to work nights and weekends so that she could homeschool during regular school hours.

“I’m constantly reinventing myself and my business. I get bored easily”

“I am TRYING to make a difference. Let’s hope that I am! Photography is a very competitive business so I am hoping to instill good business practices, including honesty and integrity, in the newer photographers. Integrity includes really knowing what you are doing before you start a business and doing business with all the proper licensing and backup equipment. Integrity also means being nice to everyone, including your competitors”


When Peggy first started she was a photography assistant, she knew absolutely nothing about photography at the time.

“It was terrible money in the beginning but the hours were right and I started an entirely new career”

Peggy is really looking forward to more photography. Her son is grown so she only has her cats at home which she says are the only things holding her back!

“We are also working toward offering online classes. There are so many out there – but not many good ones. Being a good photographer does not automatically make someone a good teacher. Teaching is an entirely different skill”

She is passionate about helping women, especially single mothers. Her favorite charity is , which is a two year program that helps single mothers.

“Life is FULL of obstacles! My biggest hurdle was raising my child as a single mother”


Chris Farren (son)

There isn’t a lot of time for yourself when you are a parent, and especially when you have no money. I finally started making money after starting my own business, when my son was almost grown”

“Work obstacles come at me every day. Photography is extremely competitive, as is teaching photography. Most of my peers have gone out of business due to the nature of the business. It’s MUCH more difficult to make a living in photography now than it was 10 years ago. I have been flexible and have been able to change and adapt as the business shifts. I pay attention to where my money is coming from so that I can shift my marketing focus as needed”

Peggy never stops learning.

“ Arrogance is not a good thing. I’m still learning to be a better photographer, learning teaching skills, learning about business. There is just so much to learn”


She says that there are so many different ways to do things and that life is really interesting. “There are so many different ways to do things. Life is really interesting! I have tons of personal interests too. I started learning to garden last year and took up yoga”

Peggy doesn’t have one happy moment in her life… She has many of them, most of them are due to her family or to an accomplishment she feels proud of.

“The saddest time in my life was when I was pregnant. My fiance broke up with me and it was really tough to get through the pregnancy. But sure worth it! I love my son!”


“The most important person in my life is my son. He’s doing well as rock n roll singer and he’s a really nice person. I’m a very proud mother”

Both of her parents have influenced her the most. Her parents are great examples of giving and loving human beings. Integrity and honesty have always been stressed in Peggy’s family. Her parents have taught her to always keep her word, be honest and work hard.

“So many people have been good to me. I would say that a big part of my career success is due to my mentor, Sara Timmons. We became friends when we drove every month up to the Professional Photographers meetings in Fort Myers. She truly took me under her wing and taught me so much about photography and the business of photography”

“Remember whatever you say on the internet is out there forever. Be really careful about what you put on there!”


In the future, Peggy plans on teaching online and more photography trips. Her passion is to teach photography. She says that it’s fun to watch the students grow and it keeps her learning new things.

“Teaming up with other professional photographers to give a wide variety of classes has been fun. I’ve bonded with some real big shots in the photography world. We are bringing in incredible guest instructors to Understand Photography Training Center”

“With God, all things are possible”

“Successful men do what unsuccessful men are not willing to do”


Peggy Farren