As I grow in what I love to do, I want to encourage others to go after their dreams, I want to use this blog not for myself but for you, weather you  are just a high school kid getting your first job and you need some advice, or if you’ve accomplished something that you wish to share with others, tell us your YOUR STORY, if you are working hard and are accomplishing great things in life, help me share what you do and inspire others.

Almost everyday I wonder about what other people are doing in order to reach their dreams and goals. I know that we can all inspire each other, we can help each other and who knows, maybe there is someone out there going after the same thing you are.

In this blog, you may read stories of people who wish to share something they’ve gone through, or still are and can possibly Inspire you, motivate you.

I will post possible events where we can give back, and be a part of our community.

If you consider yourself as someone who is making changes for the better either at school, your community, etc, message me and I will contact you as soon as possible and you might be featured in a story.

Let’s grow together.

Much love,